Positive energy is amazing

I haven’t posted a blog in a long time.  Last year , I realized having a positive attitude can make such a difference. I changed my physical therapist and started Working on breathing relaxation with mediation. I have always believed some day I might be able to break thru my Dystonia. One night , I was in a very deep relaxation and  I could feel my body in a state I have never known.  I could feel the energy around my body  , . I opened my eyes and felt so different. I was able to raise my arm above my head with no pain. This was a first in 14 years.  I have had another mini release of the Dystonia in my arm. 

Thanks to Face book I found a webinar for Focal Hand Dystonia.  I discovered there has been a person who has been cured from Focal Dystonia . Guitarist David Leisner has had a reversal of his Dystonia. This has given me so much hope. If even one person can reverse and retrain his muscles, I will continue to do everything I can. 

So,  I don’t know the reason this has happened to me. Maybe to become more appreciative of life or better understand struggles of others less fortunate of me. Or maybe to become closer to my family.  Whatever the reason, we are not alone and I never take life for granted.